Freitag, 10. Juli 2009


memory´s blurry
sometimes I can´t remember
what we did
what we said
and when I get sad like this
I can´t feel you anymore

keep on running
almost there
and I am running
to nowhere

but when it´s over
when everything is said and done
when truth has turned the living lies
and your voice breaks through the silence
I wanna be near to you
only you
for the very last time

heart´s sleeping
sometimes I can´t breathe
for what we did
for what we said
has got us nowhere in the end
and I can´t feel you anymore

keep on hiding
almost gone
and I am hiding
til I fade

and when it´s over
when I´m done
I wanna be next to you
only you

to feel you
my only love
one last time
when it´s over
in the end


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